Siddartha Trainer - Grey / Gum

Vesica Piscis

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Ethical casual shoes by Spanish brand Vesica Piscis.

This compassionate and innovative brand have really considered every step of production in order to create footwear which is low impact and sustainable.

  • Hand crafted in Elche from certified *GRS recycled cotton 
  • The lining is raw recycled cotton & free of dyes for the lining *GRS
  • Ergonomic and removable insole plant made with a comfy recycled PU and lined with recycled cotton *GRS.
  • Flexible and removable stitched (non-glued) sole made of a mix of vulcanized recycled rubber and synthetic rubber.
  • Recycled cotton laces and borders and no eyelets for a more sustainable shoe. 

*GRS Fabric certification - GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD