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This item is labelled in inches (26 to 46), measured from the middle hole to the end of the belt where the buckle attaches.

Quality, classic styled black belt. Beautifully made with a new, smoother version of our durable and flexible, Italian micro-fibre material. Nicely thick without being overly bulky. With stitched edges. Comes with heavy-duty nickel ‘roller buckle’. Width approx 38 mm. Thickness approx 3mm. The belt size is measured from the buckle to the middle of the belt holes. Eg. size 34 will fit a few waist sizes bigger and smaller - approx 31 to 37 inches. Remember when choosing your size to measure where the belt goes! – e.g. don't measure around your waist if you wear belts low at hip height. Made in the UK.

This product is non-sweatshop and vegan (free from animal ingredients).