Mercredy Vegan Recycled Felt Slipper - Grey / Petrol Blue


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Lovely cosy slippers by Spanish based eco footwear brand Mecredy.

The vegan felt upper is made from recovered plastic bottles collected from the sea which are then ground down and turned into woven fabric. This material is 100% recycled and certified by the Global Recycling Standard - Each shoe is made from at least 2 recovered bottles.

The outsoles are made from 100% natural rubber from sustainable sources and the sole is vulcanised so is produced without the use of glues or solvents. Ethically crafted in Spanish factories which are highly committed to reduce the environmental impact of shoe production, by using traditional techniques and handcrafted processes and the makers are paid a fair wage.

Please note - these slippers are not suitable for wearing outdoors. If you need any more advice please let us know!

This item is manufactured in EU sizes, but we show an approximate UK size for customers' convenience. We have included the manufacturer's size chart for reference