Komodo Unisex Goro organic knitted scarf - Cherry


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Gorgeous chunky knitted scarf designed by eco / ethical UK based brand Komodo. This super soft, itch-free unisex scarf is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

Why choose organic cotton?

Long-term studies of organic farms have shown that organic cotton production emits 18 percent less global warming potential than other farming systems. Additionally, as organic farming is designed with the soil health and biodiversity in mind, the organic soils tend to be healthier and more resistant to changing climate.*

Regular cotton is a very pesticide dependent crop but organic fibres are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or genetically modified organisms so promote a healthier environment for wildlife, animals and people. Less water is used in the production of organic cotton & social conditions are high in organic textile factories so this cotton production can help farmers find a way out of poverty.

Organic textiles don't contain allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemicals and as a result are a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre.

*Source: Textile Exchange, 2021