The Third Estate is an independent bricks and mortar shop established in 2005 in Leeds by James and Angie. We relocated to London in 2012 and launched our website in 2015.

Our aim is to sell well-made good-looking products which are free from any animal ingredients and which meet high social, labour and environmental standards. We try to keep a balance between working with innovative ethically-minded brands which are manufactured under fair labour conditions overseas whilst also supporting UK design and production. Consumption is an inevitable part of living and our focus is to support informed and positive shopping as well as positive living in general.

We think it is really important to have the opportunity to see an item in person, ask questions about it, and make sure it's just right whilst receiving a friendly and reliable service. You can order from us online but we would encourage you to drop in and see us if at all possible perhaps whilst checking out the great local independent businesses in the area at the same time.

The products we sell and the sites on our links page will hopefully give you an idea of what inspires us and why we do what we do. We hope you find something that you like!!