Mud Fave Straight Organic Jeans - Heavy Stone

Mud Jeans

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Not your average jean company, MUD JEANS are a innovative brand based in the Netherlands. This award winning company specialise in jeans and clothing which are produced under fair and safe conditions for the workers. With concern for the environment, their aim is to create a more sustainable future in the denim industry by using what they call a 'circular ecomony', meaning that you can send your Mud Jeans back to them and they will recycle them. This 're-production' process minimises waste and uses less resources such as water. More info can be found on their website - it's a really interesting and inspiring read.

The Fave style is a straight fit jean made from 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled jeans and has a zip fly.

Organic cotton
Using organic cotton means that no chemicals are used in the process of growing the cotton which therefore needs less water and also doesn't harm the lives of hard working farmers.

Made in Tunisia
These sustainable jeans are made in Tunisia at the Mud Jeans factory in Touza. Want to read more about the production process at this factory? Click here