EcoVero Boxy T - Black


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Short oversized t-shirt for women from Continental Clothing, made of Lenzing ™ ECOVERO ™ and organic cotton top.

he fabric has moisture-regulating, breathable and cooling properties.
The Ecovero ™ viscose fibers are sustainable, environmentally friendly and allergy-friendly. They have also been awarded the internationally recognized EU Ecolabel. Lenzing ™ ECOVERO ™ is a sustainable form of viscose.

No monocultures are grown for this and the transport routes are kept as short as possible. The supply chain is completely transparent. The water consumption and emissions are 50% lower than with conventional viscose. The pulp bleach used is 100% chlorine-free.

All chemicals used are recovered and reused. The cellulose fibres have been awarded the EU Ecolabel.