Vegetarian Shoes Vegetarian Shoes was founded in Brighton, U.K in 1990 – a true pioneer for cruelty-free footwear. We've been selling their footwear since 1999! They produce a wide range of animal-free and ethically made shoes, boots and accessories. All their products are made in UK or EC factories and are manufactured using a range of specially developed high-tech, breathable synthetics instead of leather. Komodo Komodo started in the late 80’s in Bali, combining stylish clothing with a Fairtrade philosophy. The company is still working with many of the same factories in Bali that they started with, as well as manufacturing in Nepal and Kathmandu. Komodo work closely with their factories to ensure that their workers are treated with respect and that a strict list of requirements relating to employment ethics, work place conditions and environmental policy are followed. They work closely with too. Komodo also uses a variety of environmentally and sustainably sourced fabrics for their lovely collections such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, rayon, soya and super-soft Tencel - an eco-fabric made from tree cellulose wasted on farmland. Walsh Norman Walsh began making footwear in 1945 at the age of fourteen, serving his apprenticeship in Bolton where he became a master of the craft, specialising in athletic footwear. He founded Norman Walsh Footwear in 1961 and the company continues to manufacture sports shoes of a diverse range to this day. Norman Walsh is the only British owned, designed and manufactured sports footwear remaining in the UK; all of the products for their current lines are made in Bolton Lancashire and the directors of the business work alongside the employees in the factory. We carry their vegan-friendly styles, made with no animal derived products. Ahimsa This innovative Brazilian brand designs and manufactures hand-made collections which focus on a fairer, cruelty free and sustainable future in the production of footwear and accessories. Most of their footwear is made from cotton, and they are the only 100% vegan factory in the World! (as far as we know!) The Third Estate When we get the time, we design and screen-print our own garments here in London using eco-friendly, organic inks. They are made in very small batches and we always use fairly traded garments. We have new collections every season, each with different ‘theme’ but expect a lot of animal based designs – of course!! nikwaxNikwax manufactures high quality cleaning and waterproofing products that prolongs the life and enhances the performance of clothing and footwear. armed angelsBased in Cologne, Germany, Armed Angels creates and produces ethical and sustainable fashion – from printed t-shirts to organic cotton dresses. brickbeaniesFormed in 2011, Brick Beanies manufacture hats and accessories exclusively in Europe. swedish stockingsRegular tights are made out of petroleum and are non-degradable, so Swedish Stockings have instead created their beautiful eco-friendly tights out of recycled yarn. hjhallFounded in Leicestershire in 1882, HJ Hall is the UK’s leading manufacturer of socks. hoovesHooves is a brand new, animal-friendly footwear company based in London which aims to offer a range of classic footwear manufactured in the EU from non-leather materials and available at competitive prices. quaggaThe 100% animal-free range from German shoe brand John W that have been making shoes since 1608. They make their footwear in Spain from sustainable, animal free components. The upper material is from recycled PET bottles (post consumer waste) and the linings are mostly organic cotton. basics The Basics range is a collection of t-shirts, tops and sweatshirts from various suppliers who specialise in garments for everyday wear at affordable prices, without any prints or logos. All items in this section are non-sweatshop and many of these are made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, tencel and also recycled materials. The Illustrated Mind Bibico is an independent clothing label based in Bath, U.K. Their range is simple yet stylish and made from natural materials. Bibico works with women’s cooperatives that are certified fair trade by the World Fair Trade Organisation to produce their collections. Antiform Antiform is a sustainable fashion label which combine fashion forward shapes with heritage craft. Established in 2007, all the design, material sourcing and production is done here in the U.K.The super talented Lizzie Harrison and her creative team specially custom make garments for us to ensure our collection contains no animal products and is suitable for everyone. matt and nat Matt & Nat has been designing vegan bags and accessories in Montreal, Canada since 1995. Their range is made from the finest quality alternatives to leather and they do not use any other animal-based products. All of the styles that we stock are manufactured at SA8000 certified factories. The linings of the bags are made from recycled plastic bottles, and Matt & Nat also incorporate sustainable materials such as cork and rubber into some of their styles. nae Vegan footwear label NAE (which stands for ‘No Animal Exploitation’) use no animal by-products in their shoes, which are designed and manufactured in Portugal. Their philosophy encompasses more than just animal protection, but also the well-being of workers, fair and local business practices and minimal environmental impact. By producing locally, they help improve employment, local productivity, reduce imports and increase exports. Their stylish and stunning shoes use innovative materials such as cork and microfibers in place of leather. studio jux Studio Jux is a multi award winning Dutch label combining contemporary design with beautiful, sustainability sourced fabrics. Their collections are crafted in Nepal under fair labour conditions, coordinated by the Fair Wear Foundation and all of their items are made of eco / certified materials like organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and recycled polyester. A very special feature of the Studio Jux collection is the ‘Handshake’ - You can have visit their website to see which tailor has lovingly crafted your garment. bourgeois boheme Designed in London and hand-made in Portugal, Bourgeois Boheme produces a line of quintessentially British and stylish vegan shoes for men and women. Skilled artisans working in ethical factories use traditional techniques to create Bobo’s range of contemporary footwear. Their shoes are lovingly crafted without any animal-derived materials such as fur, leather, wool, silk and animal-based glues. Instead of PVC they use high-quality, Italian-made cotton-backed microfibre PU (polyurethane), textiles and natural materials. fred perry The Fred Perry brand has been around for over 50 years. The laurel wreath logo is instantly recognisable and this classic style has always been associated with a whole series of musical subcultures - mods and northern soul, punks, rude boys and two tone. The items we stock have all been manufactured in the UK or Europe and contain no wool or silk. thtc THTC (The Hemp Trading Company) is currently ranked the UK’s most ethical menswear brand by Established in 1999, the brand produces eco-friendly street wear made from either hemp or carbon neutral organic cotton. THTC creates politically conscious artwork, with intelligent and striking designs and also collaborates with artists, musicians and charities. plane clothing Plane Clothing is a fashion and art label based in East London. Run by husband and wife team Gerry and Lottie Buxton, all of the prints are based on Gerry’s original illustrations. The designs are printed in London using eco-friendly ink and on high quality, fairly traded garments veganline Veganline have been making ethical, animal-free footwear since 1998. An earnest company run by lovely people. ladybirdlikes Ladybird Likes is a hand-made jewellery based in London. The motto for Ladybird Likes is 'making nice things for nice people', to make pieces of jewellery that are different to the high-street offerings. classics The Classics collection is a range of clothing which are all made here in the U.K and feature a range of vintage and retro style jackets and tops. wills London-based brand manufacturing 100% animal-free footwear and accessories in Europe. tivydale Manchester-based brand making women’s heels, sandals and boots. quaggaItalian brand making lovely winter jackets from 100% recycled and animal-free materials. rapanuiRapanui is an eco-fashion company from the Isle of Wight making men's and women's clothing from organic or recycled materials in an ethically accredited, wind-powered factory and finished in their factory in the UK. ethletic Ethletic produce 100% vegan shoes made from organic Fairtrade certified cotton and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified rubber. Dedicated to sustainability, the resources for their products come exclusively from a controlled and certified Fairtrade supply chain. Ethletic are trying to stop the exploitation of rural and developing regions by supporting a fair business model and ensuring everyone in the production process is paid a fair share. An additional premium of production cost is paid directly to their workers, used primarily for health insurance, retirement benefits or education support. corkor Corkor is an eco-friendly accessories brand based in Portugal, offering stylish and functional products made from cork. Cork is a 100% sustainable product, harvested from cork oak trees every 9 years without harming the tree and once harvested, the bark regenerates, making it a renewable and sustainable resource. The cork they use is produced, extracted and transformed locally, in Portugal and their products are handcrafted in by local workers for a fair wage. Macbeth Macbeth is a southern Californian footwear brand co-founded by punk musician Tom Delonge. Committed to providing vegan styles since its inception, Macbeth now offers a huge range of modern trainers made from animal free materials. Their shoes are manufactured in Indonesia and Macbeth only works with factories that abide by strict labour laws relating to minimum age, wage and overtime regulations, employee housing and workplace safety. Novacas Novacas, taken from Spanish and Portuguese for “no cow”, are a stylish footwear brand committed to producing ethically made shoes and boots which completely free of animal products. Their shoes are 100% PVC free, made from very high quality synthetic microfibres which stretch, breathe and wear like leather. All of their footwear is manufactured in Portugal at worker-friendly factories that align with the European Union labour standards. Love Is Mighty Founded in 2010 by Monisha Raja, Love is Mighty is a fair trade label which works with craftspeople in rural areas of India. The aim is to ensure a sustainable source of income for artisans who work with traditional weaving and centuries old crafts. More and more of these skilled workers are leaving rural villages to work in construction and other work in big cities and so threatening the preservation of these precious, indigenous crafts.The beautiful shoes and accessories are all hand made. The shoe uppers are made from reclaimed plastics making them environmentally friendly too and due to the method of manufacture each pair is totally unique.The Love is Mighty collection contains no animal products and Monisha has just recently won a PETA award. green life Green life is an Italian fashion company committed to fair-trade, ethical clothes manufacture and the use of environmentally friendly materials. They cooperate with a range of small companies and young designers who create their collections of unique clothes and shoes. Their range of colourful bamboo unisex socks are highly absorbent, keeping your feet drier, cooler and more comfortable. These socks are 100% biodegradable and will be completely decomposed in the soil by microorganisms and sunlight. masaai treads Based in Nottingham, Fresh Cargo specialise in Fairtrade clothing. Their shoe range is a joint venture with Maasai Treads and the range is handmade by a Maasai community Fairtrade cooperative in Kenya. The components for the shoes are all sourced locally in Narobi, including recycled car tyres for the soles. Fresh Cargo Maasai Threads eco fashion also donates 5% of its profits to the Born Free Foundation. annie greenabelle Annie Greenabelle is a British ethical fashion brand, which combines the use of organically grown, recycled and reclaimed fabrics. All of the factories they use comply with the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) base code which works to improve the lives of garments workers across the globe. They are also dedicated to supporting British manufacturing and all of their cotton jersey wear and knitwear is designed, knitted, dyed, printed, manufactured and distributed in Leicestershire. sourced Sourced is a family business based in Cornwall, UK making unique messenger bags and accessories from up-cycled truck tarpaulin. The tarpaulins are rescued from lorry curtains which have travelled thousands of miles of road network in Europe. Every item they produce from this is totally unique due to the varying designs on each lorry curtain they have sourced. get cutie Get Cutie are a small clothing company from Brighton, U.K. They have a beautiful range of skirts and dresses either made in their on-site studio or in a factory near their shop. All designs are inspired by vintage style and cut from striking and unusual fabrics howies Since 1995 Howies have been producing high quality products, designed and manufactured to last as long as possible, and have kept to their commitment to social change. Their clothes are made with organic and recycled cotton in a low impact way, whilst ensuring that the conditions for the people who produce their clothes are fair and safe. Monkee Genes Monkee Genes started in 2006 and specialise in fashionable jeans and trousers. This socially conscious brand is sweatshop-free and guarantees everyone involved in making their garments is paid a decent living wage. Some of the Monkee Genes range is made using bamboo and also from cotton accredited by The Soil Association and the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) making them more eco-friendly too.